A professional chef with over 10 years of culinary experience is bringing a new genre of halal cuisine to Lancashire.

Zayn Haggerty has created Graes Dining, a fine dining experience using halal meat.

Zayn said, “My idea was to launch a product that is high quality cuisine for customers who wanted a halal option.

“This area piqued my interest as many of my friends ate halal meat and often complained there wasn’t enough of a variety available. It was always the same old vegetarian option even in some of the most exclusive restaurants in the country. 

“I decided to conduct some research and realised there was a significant gap in the market to provide high quality dining for all customers – including those with a halal preference.”

Zayn explains that Graes Dining will begin as a pop up restaurant where food enthusiasts are invited to attend an exclusive event held one night every month.

Dinner will include a halal edition of beer can chicken, 6 hour braised beef ribs and slow cooked beef shin.
“The idea is to share your food.

“Imagine a big crate of food put down before you and you have to put your phones away roll your sleeves up and get involved in enjoying the meal and the company you’re with.

“I want the experience to be interactive. 

“We want people to go away with a smile, not just about the food but about the atmosphere and the story we are telling.”

Zayn explains that he is concentrating on cuts of meat as well as cooking techniques that he feels often get overseen in the Muslim community.

“We really want to showcase that other cuts can be used and can taste wonderful by using different cooking methods used in professional kitchens.

“Everything we do can be replicated at home, we don’t hide our recipes.
“In fact, we want to share our knowledge with our consumers.

“It is important to us to use locally sourced products, as not only are we getting the best quality foods, it also helps local businesses to thrive.

“We have great ingredients on our doorstep but yet we find it more convenient to use huge supermarkets.”
Graes Dining will launch their first event on 24 October at Strawberry Jam Kitchens, Blackburn.

To book your place see: http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/graes-dining-tickets-18700666196