It has been over decade since we saw the Goodness Gracious Me team on our screens and boy have we missed them.

Last night they were back on BBC 2 in a special edition to celebrate the channels 50th anniversary.

We have had a long baron spell where Asians on British TV have had bit part roles. Everything was okay as long you didn’t cross the line and say something you might later regret.

The team themselves may have aged a little, in the nicest possible way, but their brand of satire is still up there with the very best.

This was not really a ride down memory lane. The characters still manage to pack a punch over ten years since we saw them last.

They are still as fresh as ever and the Goodness Gracious Me take on life and how we perceive it here in the UK was on the mark almost every time.

It would have been quite easy to do a half hour show and just roll out some familiar catchphrases. But that was never going to be the Sanjeev, Nina, Meera and Kulvinder way of doing things.

The Kapoors going for a Ukip interview and the fantastic Dehli Mail sketch said more in a few moments than many a hour long documentary could.

The great take on famous Cleese, Corbett and Moore sketch from the sixties was ingenious. Younger viewers may have struggled to get the joke completely but I did make my 10-year-old daughter watch the original sketch!

British Asians don’t need a brown face on TV for the sake of having a brown face.

We want them to cross the line and then draw their own lines for others to follow. It has to ask questions about what it means to British and Asian.

It would be nothing more fitting than to end this piece by simply stating…’Goodness Gracious Me Zinadabad’.