We all love to eat out. Research has shown that despite the high street challenge of increasing shoppers turning to online trade, restaurants have not been affected by this recessionary trend.

Arif Amin opened Kebabish Original in Whalley New Road, Blackburn in 2008 with his business partner Zafar Iqbal.

Arif says enthusiastically, “There are so restaurants in the North West. Competition is rife.

“However, our business is run by word of mouth. We never do menu distribution.

“To stay ahead of our competition, I travel and eat out a lot. That’s how I do research. I see what’s new on my travels.

“Also, we are constantly experimenting with our chefs. We give our dishes the attention they deserve.”

After he left college in 1987, Arif began working in Rusholme on the famous Curry Mile for six years. He gained experience by working on what was then the biggest concentration of restaurants in Europe within a two-mile stretch.

Arif said: “I enjoy coming into work. I’m passionate about the trade that I am in. this is more than just a business for me.

“We’re your hustle-bustle, authentic, traditional cuisine. We have recently introduced a fantastic dessert menu, from milkshakes to hot desserts like profiteroles.”

In an area that is renowned for its food, it takes a certain standard of cooking and a certain level of experience, 25 years to be exact, to ensure one stands out.

“The most popular curry is the Lahori Karahi Gosht. All of our currys are authentic.

“Our food has a unique taste. We are different to other restaurants in the North West.

“We have an exclusive dish called the Chicken Tikka Chilli. That is our signature dish.”

The trend for grilled cuisine only became a speciality after the Second World War. Kebabish Original has certainly carved out a niche for themselves with sumptuous grilled food at an affordable price.

“Weekends are always busy for us,” said Arif. “Lunch trade is always active. Kebabish Original is the ideal place for business lunches.

“Our clientele is Asian and non Asian. It’s the kind of food that appeals to every palate. Our most popular items are the Mixed Grill and the Sizzling Platter.”

And of course any restaurant is subtly endorsed by its celebrity clientele.

“We’ve had many popular faces coming in regularly, including Jack Straw. Many local TV and radio personalities and footballers come to eat here. And the boxer Amir Khan dines here often. His favourite dish is leg of lamb.”

As for the spiciest thing on the menu?

“All our food can be modified for the customers taste. But we like a challenge.

“If the customer can finish the spiciest item on the menu entirely, it’s on the house. However, if they accept the challenge but fail to finish the dish, they have to pay double!”