According to leading academic around half of mosques and Muslim centres in Britain have been subjected to Islamophobic attacks since 9/11.

The report also highlighted that there has been a significant rise in the number of anti-Islamic attacks since the Woolwich attack.

Professor Nigel Copsey, of Teesside University, the author of the new report which showed that between 40 and 60 per cent of mosques and other Islamic centres had been targeted since 9/11 – said: “There has undoubtedly been a spike in anti-Muslim incidents since the Woolwich murder.

An obvious concern now is whether the number of hate crime incidents return to ‘normal’ levels or whether Woolwich has been a game-changer in terms of increasing the underlying incidence of anti-Muslim hate over the longer term".

So what exactly is the Government doing about this?

Sure we have heard the Prime Minister David Cameron recently vowed that the government will not stand for extremists or, "groups like the English Defence League who try to demonise Islam and try and stoke up anti-Muslim hatred."

But other than these words, what has his government actually done to protect the Muslim community?

Muslims are very vulnerable at the moment, and the demonization of Muslims by the right wing press has made matters worse.

Even the so called Middle East peace envoy, Tony Blair stuck the boot in after Woolwich “There is a problem within Islam— from the adherents of an ideology which is a strain within Islam,” he wrote in the Daily Mail.

Muslims were quick to condemn the dreadful murder in Woolwich, it sickened and disgusted us and we expect our Government to protect us just like they should with any other community. Is there an appetite for standing up for the Muslims in the Conservative Party?.

A senior Government adviser told The Independent newspaper that there remains a “lack of political will” to take on the rise of Islamophobic attacks in Britain.

The adviser, who did not want to be named, said that attempts to “tackle this issue even before Woolwich struggled to attract buy-in,”

Every time a crime is committed in the UK by Muslims we all get blamed for it.

No other community in this country has to put up with this and it is about time that the Government tackle this injustice against us.

I guess the next general election is not that far away.