Girls from Preston Muslim Girls High School and Abrar Academy joined forces with the community to raise £8000 for charity.

Fundraisers say £3500 will be sent to Gaza through Interpal and £4500 will be sent to Syria through Islamic relief.

The events run by volunteers were an overwhelming success.

Organisers wished to thank Gafoor Poultry; H Musa and sons Halal Meat; Kashmiri Watan Grocers; Barakat Grocers and The Royal Piri Piri Restaurant. A Preston Muslim Girls’ School spokesperson said, “All businesses should think of donating towards a good cause as an opportunity to invest in the hereafter.

“Our Beloved Prophet PBUH never turned the beggar away empty handed and we too should consider charity to be a blessing that increases our capital rather than one that decreases it as mentioned in the Holy Quran.

“To this end we have created a challenge for Preston and anybody else who would like to be part of this project to open their hearts and give to those who need our help most at this moment in time: The people of Syria.”