YouTuber KSI visited a mosque days after being lambasted for using a racial slur.

Earlier this week, internet celebrity KSI, who has 16.2 million subscribers on YouTube, said he is going to take a break from social media after using the P*** word in a recent video.

Clips on Twitter and TikTok show him attending the Al-Hikam Institute on Bull Royd Lane, off Allerton Road, at around 11pm on Tuesday night.

MealPro.Co owner Chaudhry Mobeen had the chance to speak to the man himself who kindly made a video shouting out his business.

@mealpro @KSI visits a mosque in Bradford and shouts out our brand MealPro #ksi #mosque #healthy #abs ♬ original sound - MEAL Pro

"He was nice," Mr Mobeen said.

"I was at work at the time and my friend mentioned he was at the mosque. My friend said he would be there for another 10-15 minutes so I decided to pop in.

"Obviously he is an energetic person but being in a holy place, he was being very respectful.

"When I was there, there were only a handful of people in there, around eight of us. We were talking about Islam and my business.

"I knew he was into his fitness and was in training for an upcoming fight. He was offered tea and biscuits and he said he had to watch what he was eating.

"It came to me then to ask if it wasn't too much trouble for him to do a shout-out video for my business."

Asian Image: KSI at the mosqueKSI at the mosque (Image: Social media)

The 29-year-old is part of a YouTube group called Sidemen and is also known for his music, boxing and being the founder of the Prime hydration drink.

He used a derogatory word in a video that was posted to the Sidemen channel on Sunday (April 2).

In a game based on Countdown, his team had to form the longest possible word from nine letters - and KSI gave "P***" as his attempt.

The word was bleeped out in the video and it has since been removed from the Sidemen YouTube channel.

The clip received a lot of backlash online once it was posted, with people commenting on why it was not removed in the editing process.

Fellow YouTuber Troopz commented on the issue and said: "I don’t find this funny one bit smh, disappointed in @KSI and the whole of the panel too smh."

Mr Mobeen says the reaction to the video and his apology has been mixed in the community.

"A lot of people are mixed (on what he said).

"I believe nobody is perfect. He has apologised.

"He has come to Bradford and to a mosque, he should be given some sort of credit for that. He didn't need to come all this way but he did.

"We are Muslims before we are Pakistanis. The first thing our religion teaches us is forgiveness."

Mr Mobeen's business has been operating out of Legrams Lane for just over a year now.

The halal meal prep company aims to offer affordable healthy food to the people of Bradford and further afield.

"We are one of the cheapest meal preps in the country. We wanted the price to be affordable," he said.

"There are so many people out there that need the healthy food we offer.  A lot of Muslims struggle to get healthy halal food.

"We work with boxing gyms in Bradford. We give them special rates, the parents struggle to afford to send them to the boxing never mind getting the food as well.

"We wanted to give healthy food that tastes nice but it is affordable. A lot of people have appreciated that, single mums etc, the food is like a godsend for them.

"Our margins are thin but sometimes it is not about the bottom line."

He hopes the shout-out will alert people about his business from all over the country.

Mr Mobeen added: "Having someone as influential as him mention us and tell people to try us out, boosts business.

"Our marketing budget is not huge and the Government funding is not there.

"It is helping the people find out about us. The food is fresh and you get it the next day so it is convenient too.

"We post up and down the country too. Anyone looking for healthy meals we can cater for them."