A 10-year-old girl tech genius decides to take on thieves who target her family home.

'Super Hijabi' is hits  cinemas in London, Bradford, Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow this week in aid of charity Penny Appeal.

It stars Boonaa Mohammed and renowned stand-up comedian and actor, Omar Regan

After thieves steal the family safe, she puts her skills to the test to track down the bad guys and reclaim the family’s belongings before the financial stress causes her parents to file for divorce.

Penny Appeal founder Adeem Younis said: “We are very proud to present a film made by Muslims, distributed by Muslims, and featuring a superhero child who millions will relate to.

"But most importantly, the screenings are also an opportunity to raise money for our OrphanKind projects around the world.

"This film is for all – that includes children, aunties, uncles, and grandparents too! It’s definitely one for the whole family to enjoy – see you there!”

This tour is in aid of the Penny Appeal OrphanKind campaign, helping support vulnerable orphan children around the world, giving them a chance to break free from the poverty cycle.

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