A new documentary sheds light on the untold story of the Islamic entertainment industry. 

'The Balance' charts the rise of this fledgling industry from humble beginnings, to the global multi billion-dollar phenomenon that it is today.

The story is told through the eyes of some of the most inspirational Muslim entertainers in the world. People who have helped shape this industry and laid the foundations for what was to come. 

The audience is taken on a journey of historic key moments, from comedy to film, from music to social media.  

Abrar Hussain of One Day in The Haram and One Night In Al Aqsa fame writes, produces and directs the film. His films have been watched globally by an audience of over 50 million+ people and growing, and have been distributed via national theatrical releases, national terrestrial TV stations, airlines, and major online platforms such as Amazon Prime.

The film features among others, comedian Tez Ilyas, Music artist Waqas Outlandish, Sheikh Yasir Qadi, Imam Omar Sulaiman, Zain Bhika, model Mariah Idrissi, presenter Noreen Khan and vlogger Ali Official.