MasterChef star Radha Kaushal-Bolland has revealed exciting plans for her future in food.

The 23-year-old law graduate, who made it into the final three, narrowly missed out on being crowned champion.

But the life-changing experience is set to shape her next chapter as the official ‘Spicy Flexitarian’.

What is MasterChef's Radha doing now?

The Clayton resident will start off her career with supper clubs and private fine dining experiences in people’s homes.

It’s something her teenage self could only dream of, having grown up watching Masterchef in her family home and imagining hosting her own cooking series.

“It’s almost become, this could be in arm’s reach,” Radha told the Telegraph & Argus.

“To make the final it really boosted my confidence and it made me realise that I can actually do this. It just felt wonderful, I’ve been able to showcase my love and joy for vegetarian food.”

Asian Image: Bradford Masterchef contestant Radha Kaushal-Bolland sits on the steps of City Hall. Bradford Masterchef contestant Radha Kaushal-Bolland sits on the steps of City Hall.

Radha has climate change and the cost of living crisis on her mind as part of her latest food mission.

The former Bradford Girls' Grammar School pupil is working on a series of recipes which will not only keep tummies happy but carbon emissions and shopping bills low.

Radha said: “I think for me, ‘the Spicy Flexitarian’ kind of splits into two. I’m a vegetarian but I always flex between a vegan diet. That’s what flexitarian means to me. When people think spice they think chilli, heat. I don’t really like too much chilli and heat within a dish because you lose a lot of the flavour. I mean spicing within flavour, the turmeric, the coriander and the garam masala.

“Not everyone’s going to have a vegan or vegetarian diet but with the planet and sustainability we need to start trying to do as much as we can. One of the key things is if we have a flexitarian diet and stop eating meat every single day.

“I tried to go vegan when it was January and I really found it difficult. Cheese was the one thing I really missed. I almost felt like a failure as I’m not sticking to this diet and it got me down when it came to making food. You don’t have to make a choice. You can have a flexible diet between meat, vegan and vegetarian.”

The proud Bradfordian added: “It’s about making food cost effective. With price of living going up people are struggling to buy food.

“I would love to bring out a series of recipe books.”