Ajay Devgn's  Indian Visual Effects Studio has announced a partnership with the Swedish studio, Goodbye Kansas Studio, headquartered in Stockholm.

Swedish, Goodbye Kansas Studios boasts a portfolio of services,  across feature films, TV series, commercials, games and trailers. 

Devgn's NY VFXWAALA has secured a major stake in Goodbye Kansas,  while simultaneously launching a joint venture studio in India.

Their joint efforts will 'contribute creative and technological expertise, delivering technology-driven visual content to film, TV and gaming companies across India, Asia and beyond'. 

Founder and Chairman of NY VFXWAALA, Ajay Devgn said: “Our endeavours involve setting new benchmarks with each project. We embrace a continuous process of learning, evolution and adaptation to the latest technologies.

"I am delighted to extend our NY family through the Goodbye Kansas partnership.  Our unwavering passion for delivering excellence persists, fueled by our core values and dedication.

"We take pride in associating with a like-minded partner, GBK, and look forward to this journey together.”

Goodbye Kansas Chairman of the Board, Per Anders Wärn., said: “NY VFXWAALA is an ideal partner for Goodbye Kansas, sharing the same dedication to outstanding talent, cutting edge technology and engaging narrative. 

"This strategic partnership brings together our strengths in a way that will benefit both our organisations. Together, we’re positioned to create exceptional value for our customers, and open new development opportunities for our talented co-workers.” 

CEO, Stefan Danieli added: “I am happy to announce this combined financing solution and strategic partnership, welcoming NY VFXWAALA as a business partner and a strategic investor in Goodbye Kansas. 

"Our partnership will significantly contribute to our mutual growth and provide major opportunities for expanding production resources and capabilities, supporting Goodbye Kansas’ journey towards profitable growth."

Creative Head and Co-founder of NY VFXWAALA, Naveen Paul said: "We are thrilled about partnering with the Goodbye Kansas team. Our joint vision is to raise the quality benchmark, drive global expansion, and deliver exceptional service to clients worldwide. 

"With unwavering commitment to our goals, we eagerly look forward to expanding our business and welcoming dedicated talent not only in India but globally, to collaborate on an exciting future."

NY VFXWAALA, India, has worked on approximately 300 films winning a National Award and India and Asian Film Award among others.