A new film depicts the remaining years of revered 20th century leader Mahatma Gandhi if he had survived the assassination which took his life.

The release of Gandhi-Godse coincides with India’s Republic Day on 26 January and the assassination of Gandhi on 30 January 1948. 

Gandhi-Godse is directed by veteran filmmaker Rajkumar Santoshi behind Indian cinematic greats such as Ghayal, Damini, The Legend of Bhagat Singh. The music is composed by Academy Award winner AR Rahman (Slumdog Millionaire). 

The film, Gandhi Godse: Ek Yuddh begins on 3 January, 1948. Thousands of bruised, shattered and ruined Hindu and Sikh refugees uprooted from Pakistan land up in the capital city, Delhi. The newly formed government of India is unable to provide food and shelter to the refugees. 

The pro Hindutva including Nathuram Godse believe that Gandhi is responsible for the partition and massacre of thousands of Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan. Godse hates Gandhi because he thinks that the latter is biased towards Muslims at the cost of Hindus. He plans and shoots Gandhi on 30 January, 1948. 

Gandhi is miraculously saved by the doctors in the hospital to the joy of millions across the world. After he recovers, he goes to meet Godse in Jail. Godse tells him his reasons for shooting at him. Gandhi hears him out patiently and tells him that he has no grudges against him and has pardoned him. He also writes to the court that he has forgiven Godse. 

Gandhi suggests to Nehru, Patel and the other leaders of Congress that the Congress should be dissolved now because it was a platform where people from all beliefs, religions, castes and sects came together to fight against the British. 

Gandhi moves to a tribal village in Bihar with some of his followers. In the tribal village, Gandhi makes Prayog Ashram.   He organizes the tribal and villagers, he inspires and motivates them to become self-reliant.  With the increasing interference of Gandhi in the governance of India, Gandhi is arrested by the Nehru’s ruling Government and a stand-off ensues.

Gandhi-Godse is in UK cinemas on 26 January 2023.