A film based on the practice of 'Triple Talaq' has been premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival.

Film maker Alena Khan says she witnessed the devastating impact Triple Talaq, the controversial practice that allows Muslim men to end their marriage by stating ‘talaq’ a total of three times had on many women she came across in her medical career as a doctor.

This encouraged her to use the medium of movies to highlight the impact on women who are faced with this instant divorce practice, which is outlawed in Pakistan and Bangladesh, with a current ban in India.

Code Blue is inspired by an innocent girl story’s whose is faced with the consequences of her husband committing adultery and deciding to use the practice to separate.

Speaking about her venture, Alena said, “Muslim women are forced by society to sacrifice their lives for the needs of a man’s wishes, often emotionally and physically. They are judged by society with little consideration for the value of their existence.”

Alena has a clear vision for her movie which is to ultimately stop the practice and not create unfair bias when a Muslim couple divorce or separate.

She feels the Berlin Film Festival an opportunity to continue with her vision, “We took it to Berlin because the film is voice of women in general and Berlin brings us wider audience and the reach of message is global.”

She says, “Educate yourself know your rights, raise your voice. “