Jay Sean is back with a new song that he produced over Instagram DM's with Toronto based artist Sickick.

The two met over Instagram when Sickick posted a track on his page. Jay quickly responded by singing a melodic hook into his iPhone over the beat and then sent it via DM back.

Sickick then finished the production before the two finally met in person in Toronto when Jay flew there to complete the song.

'Changing' released Friday 24th July on The HeavyGroup/Kamouflage/Imperial Records.

The song is a slick pop-dance single with smooth vocals and a huge instrumental drop that is sure to have TikToker's across the globe dancing away and doing their thing!

Jay Sean's previous two singles 'With You' feat Gucci Mane and 'Surma Surma' with Guru Randhawa both show Jay to be as focused as ever on making globally successful songs. 'With You' has over 70 million combined streams while 'Surma Surma' has over 120 million combined.