Construction works have commenced at the site of a former Hindu temple in Swindon.

For many years, the building on Cheney Manor Industrial Estate hosted religious festivals, community events, and sessions for worship and prayer as the temple's team rented the site from Swindon Borough Council.

But a series of break-ins encouraged the committee in charge of the religious building to move locations.

After working with the local authority and Hindu Samaj Swindon, a safer and more secure spot to host these cultural activities was found at the space above Chaat Café in Regent House.

The Cheney Manor site was sold to a new owner who acted to demolish parts of the area back in March with construction vehicles clearing away piles of debris.

Fast forward to November and now more work is being done to the old site.

The basic structures along with roofs for three units have been constructed but remain hollow for now as work continues.

At the time of the building’s demolition, Hindu Temple chairman Pradeep Bhardwaj told the Adver: "We were not aware of any such plans to demolish the building.

"Of course, there is a feeling of great sadness as we have so many memories from the place."