An Indian company has launched a pickle flavoured condom.

Manforce condoms shared the new product on their Facebook page with the caption, "Presenting the very Indian, Tangy and Tantalizing, ACHAARI Flavoured Condoms. Get your lovemaking to go Desi and Sexy."

People were quick to react on social media.

Vinayak posted, "I wont be surprised if the women orders an aloo parantha instead of having sex!!"

Ajay posted, "Me n my girl love kheer... i think u shld make new kheer flavour."

Raj Ghosh Tea flavor for thoes who like to do things at morning lol... hahaha.. ;) Rihan, said,"The creator who came up with it must have been like: I wish I had something to snack on while doing it but I don't have to get out of the bed. Voila!"

Sanu said, "Waiting for Biriyani flavour"

Tandrima addded, "Launch a Dal Chawal flavor, then Alu Gobi Sabzi flavor, then Maccher Jhal flavor then pack it with the achari Condom and sell as Bengali Thali Pack."