Three no-go zones for non-Muslim have been discovered in the UK.

The revelations came after Katie Hopkins said she would be fearful of walking through some areas.

“There's plenty of places in the UK that other people will tell you, I can tell you, I would not walk through..." she told the BBC Politics show but was unable to name them despite being pressed to do so by presenter Andrew Neil.

But she insisted, "I do think that if I were to walk through certain areas, where over 90% of the population are Muslim, I wouldn’t fare too well."

The three no-go zones include the alleyway (5pm and 5.30pm only) between Jav’s Chippy and Terry's Tyres in Blackburn. This is definitely no-go zone. The pavement opposite Younis Grocers in Birmingham and the grass area near Mustafa’s Barbers in Newcastle.

Imam Ghuzanfar Iqbal Mahmood of the New Mosque told us, “I can assure Katie, she will be more than safe walking through Muslim areas anywhere in the UK at anytime of the day. Best is prayer time. But she needs to steer clear of the aforementioned areas...just like the rest of us.”