Pakistani law enforcement officers are to police their British Pakistani counter-parts in the UK.

The decision follows the announcement that British police officers have been sent to Majorca to help deal with rowdy Britons on the party island.

British holidaymakers have declared Magaluf is the place for people to ‘go mental and go home’.

Five Pakistani police officers will now work with their British counter-parts over security concerns in predominantly high density Asian neighbourhoods.

Hoards of British born Pakistani’s are said to be ‘running amok in their own country, sponging off their own system, segregating themselves and breeding at a higher rate than the white folk’.

Police will set-up check points outside the ‘control zones’ and have been briefed to look out for any signs of radicalisation and un-British behaviour.

Inspector Younis F Uwais, a Pakistani police officer travelling to the UK said, “We are looking forward to it. They said I could stay with my cousins to save money.”