My husband has moved out. He lives with his girlfriend. I am home with our three children.

He is too ashamed to visit them. I want to get a divorce. He has said he won't divorce me.

Why do men have this sense of possession and ownership? He can leave me and live with another woman but he can't divorce me in case I move on?

He doesn't want me but he doesn't want anyone else to have me.

My biggest obstacle though is my parents. They know he has moved out but they are using emotional blackmail so I don't divorce my husband.

The irony is they say a divorce will break up my family and ruin my children's lives. 

Because their dad sleeping with another woman isn't damaging enough for my kids.

I know my parents are more worried about what people will say to them than the emotional trauma I am going through.

My parents are adamant my husband will come back after living with his girlfriend for a few months.

As if I should welcome him back with open arms if that fantasy of theirs becomes a reality.

I can deal with the end of my marriage. I have to for the sake of three young daughters.

But what I can't deal with is the attitude of my parents who insist on me being the vulnerable victim whose life is at the whim of her adulterous husband.

I will get a divorce, more so to be a living example to my children that women can be independent and strong and do not need to tolerate sexist, demeaning attitudes that unfortunately surround us in our culture.

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