It is a bit much. There is a time and a place for everything – this, my friends, is not it.

Do we really need to say ‘Mashallah’ to every single thing that anyone posts? Some middle-aged man with black hair dye slapped all over his face poses next to a rolls Royce and a stream of equally repulsive blokes post ‘Mashallah’.

The most disgusting thing is when a have a row of supercars parked outside some fella’s house and we can’t get enough ‘Mashallahs’. We seem to ignore that he got those cars by illegal means. Or they may not be his cars at all.

It does not matter because ‘Mashallah’ made it all better.

Here is a guy who is flaunting his wealth like some nineties rap star and here we are heaping praise on him. ‘Adore me and respect me for I have a fancy motor and a sharp suit’ - For this is the Muslim way.

Soon enough we are competing to see how many vomit inducing gym selfies one can post, how many ‘Mashallahs’ one can collect in return and many times we can say ‘thanks bro’ without sounding completely self-obsessed.

Even worse, some smug couple post a picture of their garish marble fireplace and a whole load of ‘friends’ can’t wait to congratulate them with ‘Mashallahs’ and hearts. Yes, let us now mix Mashallah with emojis.

I’m sorry but the interior of your house looks like the Dubai mall – it is NOT ‘Mashallah’ worthy.

And when was it okay to post ‘Mashallah’ to a mixed grill? Or some karak chai? Or some fried chicken?

It does not end there as we must and always will debase things further.

Some of us decide to post ‘Mashallah’ under an image or video of a hijabi with lip-filler and fake eye-brows pouting.

Please, people this has to stop. It is not okay.

Here some things that warrant a ‘Mashallah’ - You get some good grades, you have a baby or get married. Everything else is off the table. In fact, forget the marriage one. If he or she has been round the block a few times…is a ‘Mashallah’ really appropriate?