We are the most critical of our own actions and we always have been.

But then you have the guys (and women may I add) who just hate their own race and culture with a vengeance. They despise it and they will let you know about it at every opportunity.

Every single thing you do will go back to you being a certain race, religion or culture.

It doesn’t matter what happened but it took place because you are ALL a bunch of panydus (villagers).

They have this incessant need to bash the brothers. It can become an obsession and in every single conversation they will tell us the ‘Asian’ was responsible for the fact that this beautiful blessed land has gone to the dogs.

In fact, this person is likely to come out with the same type of vile stuff as a hardcore EDL member, but we forgive him because he is Asian himself so ‘can’t possibly be racist.’ He hates his own so much that even white folk steer clear of his views.

Taken in by a constant stream of negative Asian stories in the media and online he wants nothing else for other Asians to f*** u* so he can later boast and tell everyone he was right.

There comes a point where he is almost willing for the Asian to trip up.

Do you know what the worst thing is? He is deeply embarrassed of other Asians and always tries to distance himself from these ‘inbreds.’ The idea is that we are not the same and some of us like those kameenay who worked with the East India company are ‘different’ and a lot ‘more civilised.’ Funnily enough he won’t hold every other race or culture to the same high standards because to do so would mean having a logical and rational discussion. And we can’t have that now can we?

If you happen to be an Asian in a more important position – you are there out of luck and he will find any way to bring you down…because your apparent success is the reason he is so miserable.

I say f*** y**.

We are what we are. We may not live up to the imaginary ideals this society has pushed upon us.

I am happy wearing a shalwaar, a shirt with blue slippers to a black-tie event. I enjoy wolfing my food down at a wedding. I like talking in Punjabi when I can speak English. I want to promise the world like a Chaudhry and deliver peanuts. I am, after all, the descendant of a farmer. I will, in the words of my immigrant father, ‘not let this country grind me down.’ So say it loud, I am brown and I am proud.