Could this be the most disgraceful thing ever invented by any person ever? Come on, you might as well write ‘diseased’ on the cup.

What I am about to share now may offend some of you but I think it is my duty to tell you about this shameful episode in our history as British Asians.

It will repulse some of you whilst others, I am afraid to say, still practice this abhorrent act – you know who you are.

This is how it went. When a builder or a plumber came to the house, the lady of the house would decide it was only polite to make the guy a cup of tea. But rather than make it in a cup which was used by the rest of us, one had to use the ‘Gora Cup.’ Basically, the cup was a separate container all together and one which was offensive both in name and in purpose. The idea was that one must not share the same cup as this guy as this would be deemed ‘haram’ (prohibited).

Sometimes the poor fellow had been on your roof in freezing temperatures for an hour. ‘Cup of tea sir?’….get the gora cup. This was normally kept on a shelf far out of reach of any children.

Even worse having offered a plate of biscuits to the man we would then dump any leftovers in the bin. Oh, heaven forbid there was any spit or finger marks on the biscuits.

I am close to tears thinking of the moment I witnessed the ‘Gora Spoon.’ Could there be anything even more degrading?

It was not only appalling but something which later led to a whole lot of other ‘issues.’ Take for instance the idea that one must not swig any bottle from someone who is not the same religion as you. It is a hot day and the water is being passed around - ‘I will pass on that bro’… ‘Just can’t get any of that non-Muslim spit on my lips.’ Then the same fellow had the audacity to boast about how ‘all humans are the same.’ And how we should all learn to live together as one.

How would you feel if you were offered an ‘Asian Cup?’ All hell would break loose.

Strange thing is the same question was never asked when the weed was being passed around. I couldn’t figure out why. He was okay smoking with the locals but then became an a **** when it came to food and drink.

The problem I always had is I knew more unclean comrades who were served in a ‘normal’ cup than in the blasted ‘Gora Cup.’ You all know it’s true. Bacon or no bacon, some of our bro’s are a filthy bunch.