There are few things in life more frustrating than seeing a brother losing the plot because he hasn’t eaten all day. The thing is, Ramadan is meant to be teaching you self-control but some of us it seems can’t handle it.

The reason has got to do with personality. If you are a **** and then haven’t not eaten all day you are going to be an even bigger ****.

Ramadan ‘Rage’ takes many forms but most of it is driving related. You know the types who decide to lose all sense of driver etiquette due to them being a little hungry.

Or decide that they must drive like lunatics so they don’t miss the fish pakoras and chaat at Iftaari time.

Kick-offs also occur at around sevenish when the parents are picking their kids up from mosque or earlier in the day during the school run.

Even worse, you have the brother who hasn’t eaten, drunk OR smoked all day. These guys are to be avoided big time especially when they square up to you with that breadth. They will take you out and everyone else you know because they didn’t get their nicotine hit or their morning cup of tea.

Then we have the types who decide the world must come to a standstill due to them fasting and having a throbbing headache. And come late afternoon they just find any excuse to moan about how hungry they are.

The way I see it, some people just shouldn’t fast at all if they are going to behave like animals. The world would be a lovelier place.

I particularly like the fellows who try to rip you off during Ramadan because ‘I wouldn’t lie during Ramadan’. Come on. Who are you kidding bro? You were lying and thieving and behaving like a complete **** the other eleven months and now all of a sudden you want me to trust you?

The idea being that I should overlook the fact that you are trying to swindle me out of my last £10 because it is the holy month. These my friends are the lowest of the low.

And can you say anything to a woman when she flips out? Obviously not. If one is lucky enough you will witness that amazing moment when two women come together to argue over an outfit at a shop.

But do you know what the most disgusting folk on the planet are - the people who think you should forgive them for being a complete **** because ‘it is Ramadan’.

‘Please, I didn’t mean to head butt you for that juicy mango…the roza got to me.’