There are some things that should never mix…yet somehow they do.

There is no finer sight than seeing a brother playing football in his mosque hat. A jumper over the abayah does and will be permitted on any occasion.

And regardless of what anyone says you CAN wear pink shalwaar bottoms and a white shirt.

But none of these compare to the great culinary dishes offered to us.

You shouldn’t really be mixing spinach with ghosht (lamb) but it seems to come together like two best friends. Torian (okra) and chicken should never find themselves in the same pot yet like the milk bottle lota substitute – it just works.

Then there is the grand daddy of them all. The andah (egg).

The boiled egg has found its way into several of our favourite dishes and this is all due to the innovation and genius of the cook.

Few things in life compare to that moment when you find an Andah hiding amongst the biryani. The sheer joy of discovering a boiled egg in the rice can be emotional for some folk and I personally have seen grown men cry.

Then we have the andah with minced meat. In three forms may I add. We have the simple andah split in half over the meat and then a whole egg dancing alongside the meat balls – or kofte.

For the real adventurous try the magnificent creation that is the Nargisi Kofta (Google it).

When you break the andah and it mixes with the sauce you are swept up into this wonderful psychedelic land where the pixies sing sweet lullabies to every single bite.

And then we have the most simple dish ever invented by any human being – the anday with ganday (egg with onions).

Or Payaaaaas for you posh *****.

Anday ganday is basically what we all are at heart.

Yes, we want to drive the flash cars and bling the **** out of our grand pointless weddings. We want to hide the fact that we are the descendants of simple farmers and factory workers.

We are the milk merchants, we are the tailors, we are the dish washers and cattle herders, we are dejected masses – the freshies, the Mangaytars – something we should never ever forget.

And most of all we are and always will be the anday ganday eaters.