There is no greater sight in the world than walking into Tesco and seeing a proud brother from the native lands buying a card and flowers for his lovely partner.

He has that look on his face – like a scared rabbit caught in the headlamps of an oncoming car.

Having worked an eight hour shift serving drunken customers in a sweaty town centre takeaway the only thing he fears now is going home without a box of Milk Tray. All this, because the lady loves to post the blasted picture on SnapChat.

But it wasn’t always like this.

When the days were long and the nights were tender, one was not obliged to show any sort of feelings towards the partner. The idea of even sitting on the same sofa as ‘her’ was frowned upon.

These were the days when the fellow would smoke, yes, smoke on stage at his wedding and the woman would hold the ashtray.

Did you ever see the old guard out being ‘forced’ to buy some flowers for his wife? Never. It just wasn’t’ done. That’s why life was better.

The only time either person showed any sort of feeling towards the other was when the female of the species had to call out their partner for dinner. And she did it without even mentioning the name. Oh, the sheer embarrassment was enough to kill the man.

If, by some horrible coincidence the Chaudrhy had to sit next to his other half at a wedding or function the universe came to a standstill.

The man would then stand and hope to God some bloke would come and rescue him from the ignominy of being seen like this.

Even worse they may end up finding themselves in the back seat of a Datsun together. I must stop there before I vomit.

Yet, the modern Day Majnus don’t know how good they have got it. They have been spoiled by their new found freedom.

No more hiding and seeking. They openly hold hands showing their appreciation of one another and go to restaurants together. In the town centre man pushes pram.

The Jannah (man) sits in the passenger seat of his own car and is chauffeured around like some puppet and only speaks when spoken to.

The most revolting and sickening things are the Facebook posts talking about how ‘lovely’ her partner is.

‘Mashallah…’ we reply to show our appreciation. Mashallah indeed.