The darker the skin the more likely we are to have a complex about it.

This has much to do with where we come from as a race and a culture. Our culture breeds ignorance and we have transported this stupidity to Britain.

There is a huge difference in how we perceive darker skin and how we react towards it. For instance, we generally are not a racist bunch but will try our best to make our skin lighter.

Confusing you might say. but acceptable in 2018.

The lighter the skin the better we perceive that person to be. You would think these payndu thoughts died during the late eighties when daytime bhangra do’s and rangoo’s went hand in hand. But they haven’t. They are being rejuvenated and it is the women who are clearly to blame.

Let me say this again because I don’t think the sisters in the back row heard me straight. We brothers DO NOT have a problem with darker skin – it is you women.

Either through skin lightening products or through some sort of make up, Asian women have lost the plot completely. We now have a generation of make up artists who try to make brides and their clients look whiter. What the **** is going on?

The most repulsive thing ever seen anywhere is the online video of a darker skinned bride who is ‘transformed’ into this light skinned princess.

What the hell happened to natural beauty? What happened to this idea that we are all born equal in the name of God? The worst thing is, these same people are likely to be boasting about how Islam teaches us all to be colour blind.

And whoever invented the skin lightening filter on social media must have been thinking about us. We over use it now and it is so bloody obvious when someone has done it. And they hope that no-one has noticed.

Just let it be.

Then we have people who like to use the word ‘Kala’ to describe anyone with darker skin than their own.

This is, of course, complimented with the term ‘Kalee’ and ‘Kalay’. Equally offensive but uttered by people who then have the gall to come to your house, sit in your front room and sip on your desi tea moaning about how the Palestinians live in a racist state.

Brothers, sisters, my dear friends stop moaning like a bunch of ******* about these worldly problems whilst at the same time instilling these racist thoughts in your children.