We Asians are generally an adaptable bunch. We can adjust to almost anything and cold weather is one of our specialities.

Only a genius could have figured out that wearing jeans under the shalwar was indeed the most cost effective way to stay warm. It clearly has its benefits and you should not scoff at the idea unless you have tried it.

Jeans….well…brown trousers under the shalwar were first worn in the 1950s by the very first generation of brothers who set foot on this cold desolate country.

When the temperature plummeted you decided to wear clothes underneath other clothes. This, as well being fashionable was a great way to cheat the howling wind and stick two fingers up at the empire.

The fact was, some of us actually thought that by wearing pants underneath our shalwar we were being clever. How could anyone notice that I was wearing clothes underneath? They must just think I am superhuman because I never moan about the cold weather.

These days it is all about jeans under the jabbah...but you know it ain’t the same.

I could walk to the South Pole and back and I won’t feel a thing because I have jeans on – underneath me shalwar. This is what I am. This is me. I am that man.

You could always go one better and wear a jumper under your shirt. It had to be deep red flowery jumper of course.

I know folk who wore the jumper for weeks on end and even went to sleep with it on. All hell could break loose end but as long as that jumper stayed on everything would work out just fine.

Going to school with the jumper on was pretty neat but you had to be mindful of PE. There are many things that maketh the man but none more than the moment he must get changed in front of his mates and the teacher – and realises that no-one else is wearing a jumper underneath the shirt.

White socks with slippers completes the outfit.

For the ladies the long cardigan usually makes an appearance at the first sign of frost. It is the best indicator that winter has arrived.

We were now prepared for whatever nature would throw at us.