On the whole most of us proud of who we are and where we came from.

From the village to the bright lights of Burnley – we are what we are and regardless of how rubbish life might be at least we have each other.

But then of course we have the folk who will do anything to make out they are not ‘really Asian’.

Because being Asian or an ethnic of any sort means you are not likely to be accepted by the ‘powers’ that be.

Much of this stems from the idea that if one mixes with the gutter Asians one is likely to be tainted alongside them.

Being Asian means that people will see you as backward. You can put a Boss suit on a brother but he will be wearing a shalwar kameez underneath.

This embarrassment sickens me…in fact it makes me ill. I sometimes lie awake at night thinking about how these people function.

Then I realise that they simply want to be a little more superior than us gutter Asians.

When we first set foot on this island we always had some people who automatically wanted to distance themselves from the cow patties they left behind.

They soon found that being linked to anything Asian cramped their style. It was almost an embarrassment to be linked to Asian things as to do so would make them seem that they were not refined enough.

The whole process was turned on its head when this type of Asian was then abused and called a P***. He or she then realised that no matter how much money you had and how much you had achieved, to some people you were always going to be worthless.

You would think that things had moved on. But sadly they haven’t. We have a whole load of Asians who want nothing to do with other Asians.

In fact, they would go as far as to think that we, the ancestors of farmers and cow-herders, are beneath them.

It demeans them to even suggest their background.

So then it happens. They want to distance themselves from us then get shafted by aristocrats they wanted so much to be accepted by.

Welcome home bro.