A wonderful term if there ever was one. Mostly used to describe some type of event or occurrence that may be of interest to someone.

Well, that is what we liked to think it means anyway. Whilst we may well have put away the plastic matting in the hallway and decided that laminate was indeed better than carpet, I am glad to know that we have held on to the terms and references that make us who we are.

Shughal Mughal for instance stands head and shoulders above the rest for its simplicity and genius. It is a giant of a term that transcends boundaries, cultures and indeed religions.

So much so that in many ways Shughal Mughal is something we can hold close to our hearts knowing that one day in the distant future it will be used to end all wars and disagreements between people of different races, faiths and sexual orientation.

It is best used when meeting someone for the first time. You could begin with the greeting, ‘Snah koi Shughal Mughal?’ (Tell me any Shughal Mughal?) or you could ask if there was any ‘Shughal Mughal?’ to report.

Asking for some Shughal Mughal is likely to get you into some trouble in some parts of the world - it all depends how you say it. Raising an eyebrow and then twirling ones nara (rope thingy that holds up the shalwar) may be deemed a tad offensive - so best to avoid that.

You may find yourself in a crowd of people and find that the term has been split in two. Only the truly brave man and one who is well versed in all types of the force will ever utter the word ‘shughal’ on its own.

Oh, the audacity of it. It is like chipping the goalkeeper from 25 yards or making the most perfectly round rotee (chappati) complete with the right amount of air in it.

Yet, how does one answer this question of all questions? How does one respond to anyone who might ask if there was any ‘Shughal Mughal’? There really is no definitive answer. You could stroke your beard or state there was no Shughal Mughal going on or you could answer by repeating the question.

Now, clearly I have no real idea what a ‘shughal’ is and I am pretty sure it does not in any way relate to the Moghal empire. I had thought it may have been used by someone named Mughal…but then again this is highly unlikely.

It has certainly stood the test of time because no matter who you are everyone likes a bit of ‘Shughal Mughal’.