This has to be the most infuriating statement ever uttered by anyone on the planet.

I get it though. Yeah, I get it. When I got myself into some bother back in the day I got put through to the ‘resident Asian’ in the hope this guy might fix me. It DID NOT work.

It was a big thing in the public services. You had an issue and the officer would panic. He would direct you to the nearest Asian in the building.

Several times when you called to complain, they looked at your name and put you straight through to the Asian. And there is nothing worse than being put through to the Asian.

This has to be the most demeaning thing ever to happen to another Asian. Yes, I know, it’s all about supporting the fellow man, but come on!

When you get put through to the Asian you can’t do s***.

An Asian in any sort of power is the one thing we want to avoid at any cost and however much we might all love to see another brother in a job, let’s be honest we would rather deal with someone else.

Other times when you had a meeting with the head honcho he would bring along the resident Asian to make you feel ‘at home’.

“Hello Mr Patel, great to have to you here. Meet our Mr Patel, don’t suppose you know one another? He works in the kitchen but he is the only Asian I know and I thought it would be good for him to sit through our finance meeting.”

I know folk were just trying to be kind and considerate but I have to say this caused big issues.

When they rolled out the resident Asian we knew our day was doomed. If the brother liked you then you got the sale. If not, then you were well and truly f*****.

As soon as you left the room the resident Asian had you by the short and curlies. The manager would look at his resident Asian for a thumbs up or thumbs down.

Thing got pretty desperate when they rolled out Sheila Shaani.

There is nothing worse than the moment Asian man meets Asian woman in authority.

Oh dear God why are you intent on making my life hell...