There is stingy, there is Asian stingy and then there is Big Shot Kanjoos.

The latter is a new breed of kanjoos (stingy) making an appearance…and ladies and gentlemen they are breeding like wild fire.

Asians are, unfairly I think, painted as kanjoos. Okay, we have our good friends who try to stiff you out of a couple of quid every so often but we steer clear of these f****** now.

The new breed of Asian kanjoos is the Big Shot Kanjoos. So called because they actually have the money and want people to think they are ‘high-rollers’ but want to do it on the cheap.

It is a paradox that drives many Asian men nuts. They have the dosh and they want people to know they have the dosh but when it comes to parting with that dosh the ‘Asian kanjoos’ gene kicks in.

They simply don’t want to part with the money and give it to another Asian person because they think that will mean they have lost this fictitious battle of wills.

No Asian man ever wants to be done over by another Asian man - it is the unwritten rule of the village that has been passed down through generations.

The Big Shot Kanjoos is well known for talking it big and living it large but soon finds an excuse when it comes to putting their money where their mouth is.

On top of that the Big Shot Kanjoos thinks other Asians should actually give him or her things for free.

Let’s face it, we Asians love to give respect to those who have more money than us. All this b******* about how religion makes us equal is ‘rubbish’ and we know it.

If we ain’t pretending to be some Arab Sheikh talking to ourselves on earphones - we are dolled up like some Maharaji.

The best part of being a Big Shot Kanjoos is getting the discount. You can have cash flowing out your jubbah but when a Big Shot Kanjoos wants that precious discount he takes kanjoosness to a whole new level.

Sauntering in with a £50k motor he then moans about a couple of quid before proceeding to demean the seller. Did you know we invented the customer comes first rule?

And do you know what the most infuriating thing is? Big Shot Kanjoos (both male and female may I add) are likely to argue with an Asian brother over pennies but when they walk into a non-Asian store they pay double the price.

‘Yeah, I got good deal elsewhere’. No you didn’t, you got ripped off but don’t want to admit it because you is a Big Shot Kanjoos.