It was going to happen one day – the Asian was going to become more racist than everyone else.

If you are easily offended don’t read this, just stop right here and have a scan through the Dear Massi letters instead.

It all began in the seventies I think when the gora (whitey) cup came into existence.

The most demeaning – and easily the most offensive thing ever invented was that gora cup. The window cleaner would visit and massi would politely serve the tea in the gora cup. Basically he had his own cup and that cup was only for him. What the ****?

Sadly, I know a few who still have a gora cup but then as soon as anyone bats an eyelid in their direction in the Asda queue they are pleading racism.

The hypocrisy is astonishing.

In fact sometimes I lie awake at night thinking about how disgusting of a person you are.

Then you have the folk who are clearly so racist it makes you want to vomit in their mouths.

You have the brother who uses racist terms to everyone else including the firm Asian favourite kala (black). He uses this term to describe anyone who is generally darker than him.

Then he gets a ‘D’ and then the teacher is racist. Can’t have one rule for yourself and one for everyone else bro. They should rename you stupid bro.

But it doesn’t stop there. You have folk who are all like… ‘Mashallah my brother’ one day but the next day they have issues with a person’s caste.

Come on. What the hell is that about? What happened to treating everyone equally? But it isn’t like that at all, is it?

The middle aged Asian woman wants nothing more than to use her intense hatred of someone from a different caste to have a pop at other women. Well, that is what you do best.

Say what you want brothers and sisters but we now have a new breed of racist Asian among us.

These sad excuses of human beings make out that they are better than the newly arrived immigrants and any other person migrating to this country.

These folk forget what their own parents and grandfathers went through and somehow think it is okay to boast about ‘our parents were different.’ What, did they have ten legs and four heads?

Soon enough they have morphed into the Asian Rashalist and the metamorphosis is complete.