“Milk ‘em hard and milk ‘em good” was the saying back in the day. 

And strangely enough it still makes sense today. Let me explain, so sit down, relax, eat a biscoot and read.

You get some issue which is an ‘Asian problem’ and soon enough we know we can milk the authorities good and proper. And like jackals sensing some dirty meat, the familiar faces make an appearance and so the ‘milking’ begins.

Forty years ago we was milking them for the sake of milking them. 

We relied on the fact that most non-Asians didn’t have a clue what the hell was going on and just needed to spend some dosh to show they were doing work with the Asians.

Most of the time they were as ignorant as we were and the deals were sown up over a few samosas and mint chutney.

There was no accountability. It was a free for all. If we weren’t milking them someone else was. 

It was like one big-funders paradise as we persuaded people that ‘Asians love Lemonade’ and ‘are offended by bagpuss’.

But as times changed so did we. We had to work harder to earn our crust.

Soon enough they wanted results so the brothers did what brothers did best…they invented the figures. We got a whole  lot of people on the roll most of them our own family members. Why did no-one ever notice the same faces were attending the same sessions?
Then it got tougher.

The best bit is when you have a meeting and the brother begins the ‘milking’ speech. You sit there for a while until he has finished. Now, if you are both in on the scam you keep your gob shut.  

But ever since time began one Asian  has never got on with another Asian. So, just to ensure he is made out to be an idiot we un-milk him.

You can sense his blood boil but he doesn’t want to be seen to be looking stupid so he takes it on the chin.

Now, you might think that in 2016 we have moved on from milking. But oh yee of little faith.
We got wise and ‘they’ got wise.

The problem is now the milkers have turned on each other with a vengeance. 

To ensure the scam continues we make out that we are the ones with the answer to all of society’s problems. We make enemies of friends and friends of enemies.

Regardless of what happens...the golden rule though must not be broken...they must never ever know they are being milked.