It was going to happen one day - it was only a matter of time. As soon as the brothers figured out the benefits of charity they took the complete and utter p*** out of it. Hey, it is what we do best.

A good way to make a quick buck is to get religion involved. It worked a thousands years ago and it is working now. Big time bro.

This is how it goes…Give me your money and I will then use most of it to fund me own lifestyle and give me bro’s some jobs.

You have to look the part first. A dhaaree (beard) helps…In the olden days we used to knock on the doors as ‘chandah collectors’. At least those guys had an end product to things.

They built the mosque or temple didn’t they? And it was penny after penny taking real abuse and worst of all it was a hard graft.

Nowadays, it’s a free for all..I take some pictures - WhatsApp them or post them on Pacebook and boom…and you are none the wiser.

The biggest trick is to make you believe that you are in fact giving it in the almighty’s name. Give me the money and you will be rewarded in the afterlife.

Come on! As soon as your back is turned the Chaudhry has spent 55 per cent.

His family wedding has two Bentleys and his wife is wearing a 100 carat gold nose thingy.

A good trick is to get some hapless holy fellow to do the dirty work to bring the punters in.

Once they are hooked there is no turning back. We can’t tarnish them all with the same brush but you know the score...I know the let’s just leave it that.

Even worse are the people who do the charity work to show they are charitable.

If you do some charity work do the work…you don’t need to stuff it down our throats.

What happened to simple humility and honour? What happened to helping for the sake of helping?

Pretty hijab girl be like... ‘Look at me I took ten minutes out of my day to cook a cup cake...or sell some tickets...I want you to all kneel before me and wallow in my overbearing ego...’ People are more interested in letting everyone know they did the charity work than actually doing it.

Without the social media posts some won’t get out of bed in the morning.

Brothers and yes, you sisters…if you do some charity work don’t bark on about it for the next ten years. We heard you the first time.