Once upon a time a long time ago…a small, normal looking guy attended a village wedding in a far off distant country.

He sat down and was about to eat when he noticed he was not actually sitting near the front.

When he asked the host why he was in fact sitting near the back he was told he wasn’t important enough. He sat back down with a strange look on his face. For a moment he accepted his fate but then it happened. He promptly got up and stormed out.

He later told every other villager in the vicinity how badly he had been treated and what a poor wedding it was, where the host had an attitude problem and the food smelt like the very cow patties the curry had been cooked on.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury…the Asian ego was born.

From the pauper to the rich man there is nothing that unites us more than our egos. We want to be centre of attention and we want people to know how important we are.

On top of all that, if for any reason we sense we are being treated with less respect than the next worthless person then we will make a point of it. It is all about the ego my pal.

Sometimes two Asian Egos square off with one another. It is better to be somewhere else when this happens. Try not to take sides as this will normally result in you being blamed for their failures.

There are a number of Asian Egos one must contend with. We have the guy who talks himself up at every occasion. He does it so well he believes in his own hype.

There are folk who, as soon as they have sat down on your bed settee, want you to know every detail of their life story until you are drowning in their self-importance.

There are the people, if you wish to call them that, who want you to treat them like some Middle Eastern royalty ‘Cause, I got a nice car and bit more money than you…innit’.

Asian ego woman is in a league of her own. She posts constant updates on how well she is doing in life and wants the world to bow down to her unimaginable beauty. Well, **** *** is what I say.

Lovey, just because some tattoo down in the shisha bar thinks you are ‘alrite’ does not make you the Asian Kim Kardashian.

Then there is the army of Asian Ego lickers. These vile excuses for human beings just love massaging other people’s egos so they can bathe in the reflected glory.

Every single time Asian Ego posts something...Asian a*** licker is there to give a quality thumbs-up.

Soon enough we can’t tell one from the other...Don’t be doing my baystee now bro...you follow.