Listen up, you can’t say ‘Inshallah’ and ‘Mashallah’ to everything. It isn’t fair.

Do not use the almighty’s name just to make people believe you more.

This is kasam with a vengeance.

I know some of us are trying to be sincere and all that but come on!

People are just taking advantage of things now.

Some of you are just saying it for the sake of saying it to hide your own bad habits!

It is always good to attribute things to the Almighty. But it should be in context. Both religious and non religious types would have to be in accordance with that.

For example saying ‘Downton Abbey is back on TV Alhumdulillah' or 'Mashallah, Liverpool won again’ is never going to be appropriate. Nor is ‘Mashallah, I kept the baby out of the sun on holiday so she’s still nice and goree.’ Some people are so used to uttering it they repeat ‘Inshallah’ just to get people off their back. And the funny thing is you can’t say anything.

Once that brother has uttered those words you are well and truly stuck.

You might want to respond but you can’ is rude to do so.

But when people start using the word ‘Inshallah’ to get out of committing themselves to doing a chore or attending a gathering, well the religious sentiment somewhat breaks down.

‘When are you paying me that ten pounds you owe me?’ ‘Next week, Inshallah.’ Loosely translated this means, ‘I have no intention of giving you the money but now you have to take my word for it.’ ‘You know that window your workmen fitted? It is broken.’ ‘We will fix it, Inshallah’.

No you won’t fix it. There is no way you are going to fix it and you just bought yourself some more time.

The problem is some of us are saying it out of habit now and not looking at why or when we use. It is the polite man’s version of ‘mind your own business’.

Then there is the woman who uses ‘Mashallah’ every single time she wants blokes to think she is a little more ‘sincere’.

You know who you are - Femme fatale of Facebook I call them luring me in with their mascara laden pictures and throwing a few religious texts my way to keep me in my rightful place.

Do you know who the worst of the worst are? It is the people who are smoking weed or having a drink and then lying at the same.

‘Bro, give me a lift home, I’m smashed’.

‘In ten minutes, inshallah'.

Shameful bro...just shameful.