If it wasn’t for Asians the dealers would be out of business. Okay, that’s a little harsh. In fact no it isn’t.

Every third person is either smoking it or pretending not to smoke it.

The problem with weed smokers is how they try to justify it all the time. One minute they are talking about morals and how drinking is bad and the next minute they are taking a few drags.

Brothers...if you are going to smoke then do it but don’t come across all high and mighty trying to make it seem you are doing us all a favour. Hey, that doesn’t sound right?

The Asian way of doing things is to totally take the biscuit and then the rest of someone else’s biscuit.

In the olden days the weed smoker bloke (that is the only way we are permitted to describe him) was a law unto himself. He would saunter around smoking his stuff and pretending he was cool. Later, he became a complete paranoid geezer and picked fights for no reason.

And there is nothing worse than paranoid Asians. One minute they are your best mates and next minute they are ignoring you are Friday prayers cause ‘they thought you were the devil in disguise’.

What the hell man? What is going on? I got busted several times once by the same geezer.

The worst monkeys of the lot are the middle-aged ones. You know the ones who keep themselves to themselves and then have the sly smoke on the side ‘cause they can handle it bro.’ Yeah, right.

There is still time to turn it around my friends...there is always time. Time is the only thing that keeps us alive for now.