2015 is going to be a great year but I can guarantee the same old faces will be taking the limelight.

None more so than election year. We hate the ‘Usual Suspects’ with a vengeance but some how we keep electing them again and again.

There is a common perception within the Asian community that someone only does a selfless act to get credit for themselves. It does not matter who they are but we know it is all about taking credit for everything.

Even when they haven’t done anything you will find them making a huge meal out of things at some later time in their lives.

To be a ‘Usual Suspect’ you have to be...

A) Good at ringing people for no reason; B) Good at sending WhatsApp messages; and C) Good at getting your picture taken. And boy, do we have a fair few ready for that title in election year.

In the coming months you will find even the complete idiot will become an expert at discussing foreign affairs, anti-terrorism laws and complex government policies and sitting with lords and ladies of the land. If he was back in his native land he would be cleaning out the gutters. But here, he is the master of all before him.

Regardless of this, I do love the Usual Suspects because they are what we make them. They do the work no-one else wants to do and even then we give them grief for it.

Sometimes the Usual Suspect helps you and then we turn on the poor b****** for no reason.

The problem is, anyone can morph into a Usual Suspect without even knowing it. One minute you are going about your business and the next moment some young upstart is calling you ‘uncle’.

Then, you are getting yourself awards and attending meetings with people who think you are actually an expert at everything. As time goes by you begin to encourage others to become Usual Suspects. And soon enough you have one set of Usual Suspects praising the other set. The vile stench of self-importance is complimented by the fact you yourself end up basking in their reflected glory.

The Usual Suspects: Coming to a community near you...