It is the dress style that inspired a generation but when did we become too embarrassed to dress how we really want?

Back in the day there were several combinations that always made you feel that extra bit special.

The very essence of ‘Asian’ was being able to wear slippers, shalwar bottoms and a T-shirt without a second thought. This was the look of kings, my friends.

We would turn up at people’s homes and they would greet us like the majestic, wonderful men we were.

If we were really brave we wore wristbands.

The Shalwar top, trackies and slippers look wasn’t far behind. If you could pull that off at a wedding you were the master of your domain.

Then there were the following combos: smart shirt + trackies + Rockports; cricket top + shalwar + slippers; jumper + shalwar + trainers; hoodie + shalwar + black slips-ons and, of course, the hat + shirt + mirrored waistcoast + jogging bottoms + sandals.

For women the Shalwar kameez + black shoes + white socks + cardigan look was a classic. If she wanted to go all out then the moon boots would make an appearance.

Then it happened. All of sudden we became too embarrassed to don these combinations in public.

Some decided to wear the jubbah. This is not the dress of your ancestors, my readers. This is the national dress of the Arabs and son, you ain’t no Arab, no matter how hard you try...

Others decided the combinations reminded them of the first generation immigrants and so looked to spend their pennies on the ‘labels’.

Nowadays, if you head for the door wearing sandals and a shalwar your kids are calling you ‘freshie’.

But deep down the yearning never went away.

It is time to break free from the shackles of ignorance my dear brothers. Release yourself from your fear and rediscover the beauty of the slippers + shalwar + T-shirt combination.

Say it loud and say it proud...I am what I am and always will be.

And if you don't like the way I look then you can go **** yourself.