Dear Massi: My husband was not very religious but he did have his limits.

This month he has been a complete nightmare. He would fast on occasions but for many years he has missed a lot of fasts. He would normally eat in private or drive out of town to have some food.

This was not something my children and I were happy with but we put up with it. 

However, this month he has decided to eat in public and drives around drinking from his water bottle. He goes to lunch and eats in the takeaway. He says he can do what he wants and it is a ‘free country’.

When asked by people who know him, he lies and says he has diabetes so can’t fast.

My mum’s friend rang to see ‘if he was okay’ as they heard he was ill.

This is very embarrassing for the family, friends and neighbours are laughing at us. Ramadan is coming to an end he does not know how much pain he has caused us.

Massi Says:  This must be very frustrating for you. He is being quite selfish in his attitude towards you and your family. 

This also sets a very bad example to the children.

What may be also very sad for you and your family is that he has to lie when he asked about why he is not able to fast. This may well be tempting fate.

Tell him you will no longer hide his lies. If he is ‘not afraid’ to eat in public during Ramadan then why must he pretend to be ill when asked?

No matter what anyone says and how embarrassing this must be, this is his decision and something he himself is answerable for. 

If pleading with him has not worked then you can only hope he grows out of this childish behaviour sooner rather than later.