Dear Massi, I have been meeting someone for some months and we get on well. 

We have taken things slowly are comfortable in each other’s company but are now looking to get married.

I went to meet her sisters recently and when we were at the restaurant they all got up together and started taking selfies. All of them were pouting and it really put me off. People were watching and I got embarrassed. 

I just can’t stop thinking about it now.

I know she likes to post selfies but I have not noticed how she pouts? I also noticed that one of her friends has had bigger lips than before. Has she got lip-fillers? I don’t know I am afraid to ask?

I know people might think I am being a little strange but this is really bothering me. We do get on and she is a good person. The wedding is the last thing on my mind at the moment as I can’t get over the pouting.

Massi says, If this is something that bothers you then you are better being honest right now rather than later. 

It may be something that does out of habit or only with her friends. 

I understand it is difficult conversation to bring up at this stage when two people are still getting to know one another. But it will be better to speak up about these things otherwise they will be left to fester and could affect how you both are towards one another later in life.

Is her pouting bothering you so much that you are willing to call the wedding off? You did say that you both get on and you seem to be comfortable in her company?

Maybe try to see this is as a minor gripe and not something that should cause you make a drastic decision in life. As she may well at this stage have noticed things about you that she is too polite to bring up.