Dear Massi, I am really upset. I went to visit my in-laws after a few months because of coronavirus.

I admit I have put on weight during the lockdown. 

As soon as I arrived, they all made such a big deal about it saying I wasn't pretty anymore because of the weight gain, and that women shouldn't be bigger than their husbands.

When they served dinner, my husband joked that I would need at least four roti's to eat. My mother-in-law looked shocked and said I will be sinful by eating that much.

I was too upset to say anything. 

After we left, my mother-in-law rang to say the chair I was sitting on now has a broken leg and she is blaming me for it.

It is so humiliating. My husband says I am over analysing things and I should be able to laugh at myself.

I don't know what to do.

Massi says, To be subjected to degrading comments about your weight and jokes at your expense is very unfair.

Whilst your husband would prefer to trivialise your feelings, it is important to explain to him candidly how hurt these scathing remarks make you feel.

Explain to your husband that  just as you would support him, you would expect the same in return from him.

Your weight is only your concern and if you are happy with your appearance, try not to allow other people's judgements to compromise your confidence.