"She gave her 'fat clothes' to my daughter"

Dear Massi, My sister-in-law is always showing off about how skinny she is and how she only ever gained weight during her pregnancy.

She was doing a clear out and she came to my house with a bag of clothes.

She said these were her 'fat clothes' that she wore during her pregnancy and that she doesn't need them anymore. 

She said my daughter could wear them because she's 'cute and chubby.'

First of all I was insulted that she would give me second hand clothes. 

Secondly, how dare she dump her big clothes on my daughter. 

My daughter is a healthy teenager. 

I've never liked my sister in law but I now I really hate her. 

I want to tell her what she did was wrong but my husband told me to let it go as he doesn't want me to create any problems. 

What do you think?

Massi says,  Your sister-in-law has behaved with an acute lack of sensitivity and it is not surprising you were left feeling hurt by her words. 

She may not be aware of how her behaviour left you feeling. 

Speak to your sister-in-law and explain that your daughter has no need for the clothes she no longer deems suitable for herself and that in future, whilst her intentions may have been good, you would not like to be given her old clothes.