Dear Massi, My husband is such a man whore. He keeps sleeping around and I keep finding out because he is not as discreet as he thinks he is.

I have found messages in his phone from so many different women, so many inappropriate photos, some that he is sending, some that he is receiving.

His own selfies are disgusting. He is bald, fat and has hairy shoulders, but he is posing topless in the bathroom mirror like he thinks he is God's gift to women.

I don't know what lies he tells women to get them to sleep with him, but he is clearly pretending to be really rich and powerful.

I have confronted him so many times, but he knows I won't leave him because we have four children and I would be too embarrassed to admit my marriage is in trouble to family and friends.The Asian community is still very judgemental about women who get a divorce.

I don't know what to do.

Massi says, It is understandable that you feel betrayed and are devastated by your husband's actions.

Knowing that your husband is cheating and being aware that he is unwilling to change his ways will only serve to create a toxic environment in your home and will adversely affect your mental health. 

Speak to your husband transparently so he can acknowledge how he is making you feel and ask him why he is seeking this level of fulfilment outside the home.

Speaking to a therapist would be the next step as they will be able to guide you both on the best path to alleviate this strain on your relationship and try to repair it.