Dear Massi, There is so much tension in my house and I need help.

It all started because my mum won’t let my wife go to a hen party. 

My mum thinks there’ll be bad things going on there and she doesn’t really understand the concept. 

My wife is really angry and says my mum can’t control her. They’re not talking to each other. 

We all live together and the atmosphere is awful at home. How do I resolve this?

Massi says, It appears both your mother and your wife are unwilling to hear each other’s opinions. 

First of all, allay your mother’s fears and  explain to her that the hen party is an innocuous gathering of women before a wedding. 

Secondly, explain to your mother kindly that you and your wife are adults and whilst you respect her opinions and her concern, it is not fair for her to try and tell your wife where she can and can’t go. 

Tell your mother that trying to impose restrictions of this nature will only create unnecessary distance between you all and you wish to maintain harmony in your household.