Dear Massi, My wife’s sister is always interfering in our marriage. 

She’s always telling my wife that I should do more housework and that I walk all over my wife.

My sister-in-law isn’t even married so I don’t how she feels she can give advice.

My wife works part-time and I work full-time. We both share the chores and it works for us. But my sister-in-law keeps causing trouble by making unnecessary remarks, like I should be ironing and not my wife.

It’s none of her business and my wife has never complained about how we do things. But she also won’t confront her sister because she wants to avoid an argument. 

How do I stop the constant comments?

Massi Says, Every household has their own routine and their own unique way of managing the daily tasks. How you and your wife choose to delegate this should only concern you both.

Unsolicited advice in this way will be unwelcome and a cause of stress. 

There may be a reason that your sister-in-law has decided to direct her focus on your marriage with such scrutiny, perhaps a deficit in her own relationship or even feeling lonely.

These are not, however, excuses for her to be critical of your marriage.

Speak to your sister-in-law and explain that you and your wife run your home in the way you see fit and that whilst her concern is aimed to be helpful, it is causing an unnecessary rift that you wish to avoid