Dear Massi, I am talking to a man for the purpose of marriage.

At the moment we are only texting and have met a few times with my brother as a chaperone.
It’s going well as our parents like each other too.

The thing that bothers me are his social media posts.

My brother showed me his Instagram page and it is full of topless gym selfies.

My brother spoke to him about it for me, but he thinks he’s not doing anything wrong.

Am I being unfairly critical?

Massi says: It is very common for people to share their daily routine on social media. 

Sharing selfies from the gym is not unusual.

He seems to be sharing something that is of interest to him that may not appeal to you.

However, if you feel very strongly about this, it is better for you to articulate this to this man directly.

It would be ideal to be transparent about matters that bother you before you consider marriage.