Dear Massi, I am having so many arguments with my fiance.

He’s not even that religious, but he is insisting on having a segregated wedding.

I don’t want that. We can’t seem to find a middle ground.

He is only saying he wants the wedding segregated because that is what his family expects.

If he does whatever his family tell him to do from now, what is he going to be like after we get married?

I have no idea how to resolve this.

Massi Says, It is understandable that you are upset. 

Planning a wedding is stressful and it is important that both parties agree on the key issues.

Communication is important between you and your fiance.

Explain to him why you do not wish to have a segregated wedding. 

Perhaps it is time to discuss other important matters that concern your future to see if you and your fiance are in agreement. 

Use this opportunity to discuss view points on matters that may involve his family to see if you both approach it unanimously.