Dear Massi, I am getting sick of inviting guests round.

All my wife does is watch how much people eat and comments on it afterwards and even gossips with her friends about it.

Then she makes derogatory comments saying they eat like pigs. 
She always counts how many botees they eat and also how many rotees people eat.

She doesn’t even cook the rotees as we order them from a local shop.
I hate this habit of hers.

It’s as if she invites them round just so she has something to talk about.
I don’t know how to break this cycle.

Massi says, It is unsavoury to invite guests for dinner and then comment on their dining etiquette.

Tell your wife that her unpleasant comments make you feel uncomfortable and that you would feel upset if you heard other people talking about you and her in the same manner. 

Explain that you would rather not invite anybody over if the evening concludes in a discussion about the quantity of food that was consumed by them.