Dear Massi,My friend set me up with a guy and we texted for a while before we met.

The first thing I noticed about him was that he lied about his height. He was much shorter than me which put me off immediately.

Over dinner his manners were appalling. He ordered lamb chops. He ate with his hands and then left the bones on the table instead of the plate. 

Then after dinner, he didn't even ask me if I wanted to order dessert.

He paid for the meal but said he didn't think there was a spark, so he there's no need to meet again.

It really annoyed me.

He should be grateful I went along to dinner in the first place even though I am much better looking than him.

I have been angry about it ever since. It should have been me who rejected him first. I don't know how to get back at him.

Massi Says, It appears that your pride has been hurt more than anything else. 

You have already pointed out the characteristics that you disliked about this man, yet you have articulated a feeling of being disgruntled when he didn't feel a connection with you.

The decision to not meet again seems to be a unanimous one, yet your sole concern is that you wanted to express that to him to feel a sense of superiority. 

Rather than wasting your energy on how this experience could have concluded, focus positively on the kind of man you would like to meet in future.