Dear Massi, My marriage has had a difficult start.  My wife is obsessed with her image. Actually, she is obsessed with our image as a couple.

Every time we go out, she wants us to have coordinated outfits so she can post pictures on Instagram. She is spending silly money on matching clothes.

I had to go on a stupid shopping trip to find a kurta that was the right shade of rose gold to match her outfit for her friend’s mehndi. 

Our honeymoon was a disaster. 

She posted over 200 pictures online and I’m only in five of them. 

I can’t deal with her social media obsession. It’s ruining my life.

Can you help?

Massi says: Whilst it is common for people to post their daily routine on social media throughout the day, when time spent on social media affects personal relationships, it is time to take action.

It is essential that you articulate your feelings.

Talk to your wife in a gentle manner, not in an accusatory or judgemental way and explain that her social media life is having a negative impact on your relationship.

Also express to your wife how you value her company and that your time together should be spent talking to each other and communicating with each other rather than taking photos for social media.

Tell her that you would like to enjoy real life with her, not her social media life.